These are some of the stuff I have made for fun during my spare time over the years.

- vah

2016-04-15 17:20:42 UTC

Browser Games


No plugins required and supports browsers starting from Internet Explorer 5.5. An update to support touch screens has been in the works for a long time but don't hold your breath.

List of games includes:

Play Now!

Tip: Clicking on the desk automatically moves cards in many of the games.

Tip 2: Pressing keys 1 (or A), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 (for 10), J, Q, and K blinks the cards.

Java Applets

Since no-one has the Java plugin installed anymore, you probably cannot try these on your computer.

BrickOut requires Java Plugin (version 1.2 or later maybe). The older applets should work even with the built-in Java in the old Netscape Navigator 4.x browsers.

Tunnel Worm seems to have problems with recent Java due to using the Sun audio API. You can try my remake for Android instead!

2016-04-15 17:20:42 UTC

Open Source Projects

Original Projects

Personal projects I have released as open source.

Modified and/or Mirrored Projects

My modifications to other open source projects. (Currently there is only one.)

The Attic

Projects that are no longer maintained as I no longer use them myself.

2016-06-12 21:42:39 UTC

Other Projects

Some personal closed source projects.

2016-04-15 17:20:42 UTC

Contact Me

I can be reached using this contact form. If that happens to be offline for what ever reason, try googling for my e-mail address or wait for it to come back online.