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Short info:
This is another version of the old board game Othello, also known as Reversi. I coded this on April 21st and 22nd in 2001. I got tired playing against all those impossible chess games and alikes where you can never win the computer even with the easiest level, so I made this; a simple game with an easy A.I. Now that I think of it, maybe it's too easy and, thus, boring.

At the moment this game works only as a single player game. By default you are the red player but you can choose to play as blue by clicking the score board at the beginning of the game. The red player always begins. Playing is easy, just click on an empty box where you would like to make your next move. You can always see the changes that that move would make hilited. And the computer will automatically make its move after you. If it happens that one player (you or the computer) can't move, his (or hers) turn is skipped (pass) automatically. When you win (or unluckily happen to lose) click anywhere once to restart the game. And you can press the [R] key anytime to restart.

Every move a player make must go over one (or more) opponents discs in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, and the player wins all opponents discs in between any of his old discs and the new. If no such move can be made the player can pass and the other player can make another move. The game ends when neither player can make any more moves, usually the board is full, but it can happen that other player can lose all his discs and so makes it impossible for either player to make moves. Player who has more point (=discs on the board) when games ends, wins.