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Short info:
Use mouse to play. Click the applet to begin the game. Moving mouse pointer on the applet to move your paddle (you are the left one). Moving the mouse at the moment the ball hits your bat affect the balls direction and clicking at the moment of the impact add balls speed.
The game won't end at any score, so just set a goal score yourself and stop playing when you reach it. You can restart the game by pressing the [R] key, or by reloading this page.

I made the first version during the fall in year 2000, and updated it a bit in March, 2001. I don't really know if the sounds are at all like in any of the original arcade or video games, infact I'm not sure if there even was any sounds, but on the other hand I think there should be some sounds in every game so I created those effects. I know the gameplay is quite different, but the game is IMO quite playable, just a bit too easy when you get used to it.