VaH Tetris

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Short info:
Well.. it's a Tetris clone. Do I have to say more? Maybe I do as there are many variations of Tetris around.

This version tries to follow the Tetris specification by Colin Fahey. According to Colin his specification follows closely to the pre-commercial MS-DOS version's behaviour. (Vladimir Gerasimov's PC version is the first port of the original Electronica 60 version by Alexey Pazhitnov) As the MS-DOS version is available freely from the net, you should be able to compare yourself. (I haven't yet and even if there's some differences, I still might stick to my implementation for some weird reason. :-)

Since I know you aren't interested of reading the specification, I tell shortly here what is missing that you might expect based on your previous experiences.

And one important thing. Do NOT play with difficulty setting 1! It's just too easy and it will cost you lots of points. (Don't play with 2 either. Find out how good you are and play with the difficulty that you can play without making too many mistakes.)

This was made in the spring 2003.
Have fun!