About checksum.sh

checksum.sh is quite a simple utility intended for verifying the integrity of files in arhives and backups. It recursively saves the MD5 checksums of all files inside each directory to a special file named .md5, and can then later verify the files against those saved checksums.


checksum.sh is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2.

2016-04-13 10:44:05 UTC


Hidden files starting with a dot (.) and all symlinks are ignored. Also, no list of subdirectories is not saved into the checksum file. checksum.sh does, however, output a complete sorted list of all files and their checksums when it runs. That can be saved to a file and any changes can then be found by comparing the stored file with the current output. It can be a little hard to spot the changes (lines starting with -, +, , or !) from the full output but it is super easy to grep them with `checksum.sh -c . | grep '^[-+!]'`.

checksum.sh is designed to be compatible with the md5sum command (which it calls to calculate the checksums) and the .md5 for a directory (non-recursive) can be generated directly with md5sum * > .md5. The files can also be verified with md5sum -c .md5.

While MD5 is considered to be no longer a secure hash, I still think it to be sufficient for this use. I do not expect malicious changes to my backups but I do like to be informed about corrupt files. Of course, nothing stops you changing the script to call sha256sum instead if you so desire.

Command Line Help

Usage: checksum.sh -u|-c|-d|-l [directory]

  -u/--update  - calculate checksums of all files and the them to
                 a per directorory file named ".md5"

  -c/--check   - verify files against the saved checksums

  -d/--dump    - generate a list of all saved checksums

  -l/--list    - generate a list of current checksums

  -h/--help/gibberish - show this help message

  checksum.sh always works recursively.

  The saved .md5-files are compatible with the md5sum command and can be
  generated also with "md5sum -- * > .md5" and checked with
  "md5sum -c .md5" for each directory.
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You can reach me via email at vaino (dot) helminen (at) gmail (dot) com.