About Python Asteroids

pyasteroids is an Asteroids clone I created using the Python programming language and the fine Pygame library.

It is not intented to be an accurate remake of the original arcade and I have used some artistic freedom as usual. See MAME for an accurate emulation of the original if you are interested in that.

Unlike other software here, this one actually has a Windows (32-bit) binary available for download in addition to the source code. I think I have tested it on at least 64-bit Windows 7 but not on anything more recent than that. At least it still runs beautifully on a modern Linux desktop as long as you have Python 2 and pygame installed.

The sound effects where mostly created with an extremely handy tool called sfxr made for quickly creating effects for retro games (like this.)


pyasteroids is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2.

2016-04-13 10:01:56 UTC


The intro screen looks something like this:

Intro screen

Oh, there's the UFO as well!

And gameplay looks something like this:


Note: The red lines at the borders tells there are asteroids hiding off screen.

2016-04-13 10:01:01 UTC


This tarball contains lots of files but you only need the pyasteroids.py and the data directory with .wav files to play the game (and even the .wavs are optional.) It includes everything I have created that is related to this game, even the little vector font editor.

This is the Windows executable (.exe). Unzip and double click pyasteroids.exe to run or try pyasteroids.bat (which uses a different SDL video driver.) This was "compiled" with py2exe and probably includes stuff not even needed. All the included libraries are copyrighted by their original copyright holders. (If you already have Python 2 and pygame installed, get the much smaller source tarball above instead.)

2016-04-13 10:02:31 UTC


You can reach me via email at vaino (dot) helminen (at) gmail (dot) com.