About chatng

chatng is a real-time web chat. It works in any recent browser with cookies and JavaScript enabled and it even has an alternative very light non-JavaScript frontend. The primary user interface is similar to most graphical IRC clients with user creatable rooms and separate private conversations. The concept has been extended with user selectable color, graphical smilies, inline images, integrated extra commands (like the ones provided by IRC clients or bots) and message logging (in public rooms), etc.

We have used this chat engine (with lots of extensions) for many years with over 20 users online at the same time (from a much larger user base) split to a few rooms and everything has been working smoothly. Since then usage has dropped (thanks to people getting older having a real life and younger people not finding the chat anymore.)

The current version we are using runs perfectly on PHP 7 but the old snapshot available here probably needs a couple of fixes. Maybe I should prepare a new snapshot from our internal version. It also has a more mobile friendly UI without Smarty dependency.


To set up your own chat server using chatng you will need:


This software is released under the GNU General Public License, version 3.

2016-04-13 10:27:35 UTC


Every projects should have a screenshot available, so here you go. chatng with one chat room open and a couple of fake users logged in.

chatng screenshot

2016-04-13 10:24:02 UTC


Here are the sources. The tarball contains a README with more information about setting it up and how to use it. The included smilie set (featured in the screenshot above) was created by yours truly. :)