EMS TopGun Linux Driver (PS2 Mode)

This is a EMS TopGun series Linux driver update to work with newer Linux kernels. The driver was originally developed by Christophe Thibault and updated by Adolfo R. Brandes.*

The driver allows the light gun to be used in PS2 mode. It will show up as a joystick on the PC. There is also in-kernel driver that can be used with the device in XBox mode but I feel that is suboptimal.

The driver version 0.2.2 has been tested with at least Linux kernels 3.5.4 and 4.5.4 with my TopGun II.

* Original web page (Archived copy)


The driver is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2.


Or clone it from: git clone https://git.gizmo.dy.fi/lcdtopgun.git

2017-10-01 19:53:19 UTC


guntest is a simple target shooting test program I created. The program should work with any analog joystick having at least two axis for X and Y and at a fire button but of course it is more fun with a light gun.


New in v0.2: Joystick selection screen at startup.

guntest joystick selector

The target also now looks a bit different and it also scales with the window resolution.



The program normally launches in fullscreen using your desktop's resolution. But you can run it in a window with the -w argument and/or select a different resolution giving it an argument like 1024x768.

(Joystick selection can no longer be done with a command line argument in v0.2.)


guntest is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2.


2016-05-24 03:18:13 UTC


You can reach me via email at vaino (dot) helminen (at) gmail (dot) com.