About pyGTKCam

pyGTKCam is a webcam software for Linux (and there was a win32 version, too) that takes snapshots at a set interval and saves or uploads them to a FTP server. It is capable of adding the usualy timestamps to the image and has a few tricks of its own. Everything is configurable from the GUI.


The Windows version used VideoCapture instead of a custom module to access the camera.


pyGTKCam is released released under the GNU General Public License, version 2.

2016-04-14 12:49:17 UTC


Capture (camera) options

Camera options

The temporal filtering can be used to reduce noise in the image but of course it will also blur any movement (which may be a good or a bad thing.) You can also capture at the highest possible resolution and add a filter that scales the image down.

Captions dialog


One thing I really don't like is the fact that fonts has to be configured by giving the file name instead just using fonts installed on the system.

FTP options

FTP options

It is also possible to configure a command that copies saved locally to a remote server with ssh, for example.

Active and inactive.

Active Inactive

Uploading can be toggled separately so you can preview the image.

Picture-in-picture with two camera pointing at each other.


And finally, running on Windows (probably XP.)

pyGTKCam running on Windows

2016-04-14 13:06:47 UTC


The last released version.